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About Us

Welcome to Centerstage Bulls. We are a small family-oriented breeder of the XL American Bully. Centerstage's program started in Cleveland, Ohio back in the late 90's, eventually moving to Western New York, with a focus on the Cane Corso. Corsos are an amazing breed, and although we raised, worked, showed and championed them out in multiple countries, we set our bar higher. In 2010 we started looking at bully breeds. We started off with the English Bulldog, a wonderful breed but they just lacked the size and energy we were looking for. After talking with multiple breeders around the world and doing countless hours of research over the following years… we found what we were always looking for, the XL American Bully. Their loyalty, size, structure, temperament and variety of colors made us fall in love. You will cherish the ability to have a gentle lion as your family member, or a gargoyle to watch over you. Once you spend a little time with an American Bully you will never want to be without one.

 Whether you want a partner for daily walks, a therapy dog or a sport working dog, it all starts with a well-balanced even temperament puppy. All of our dogs are part of our family. They all have even temperaments and excellent health. That’s why every puppy that leaves our home for yours comes with a health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.  When you bring a Centerstage bull puppy into your home, you also become part of new family. One that stretches across several countries and diverse nationalities. All of our dogs can be taken anywhere, such as a park, store, playground around children, car ride or family event. While no dog is perfect, we only allow strong, healthy, even temperament and correct structure dogs into our program. The added colors and patterns are a huge bonus. We raise our puppies at home with lots of socialization and stress testing. So, when they are ready to go to your home, they will fit right in.

We will never be a breeder who has puppies available all times of the year. Each of our breeding’s are carefully chosen. My grandfather who raised Ch. Dobermans for decades, taught me that when breeding you don’t just think of the litter that’s forthcoming. You think of how that litter will be able to help the generations that follow. If a breeding won’t produce a sound puppy who will benefit the overall breed, then Centerstage will not be involved. XL bullies come in a variety of colors like black, white, blue, red, tan, chocolate and lilac. They also exhibit multiple pattern variations such as seals, brindle, fawn, tri and merles. But without temperament, health and structure you don’t have a true Bully.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our page. Feel free to contact us with any questions. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok to see lots of photos and videos of our past and present family of dogs. Have a wonderful day.

All of our dogs are raised to be part of a family. We will not place

           any of our puppies in homes for any illegal purpose whatsoever.


Our Team
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