Tess Pedigree

Tungstens Testarossa 

Sire Next Levels show stopping Ace

Dam Probulls Aurora of Pearl

Height atw 21″

Weight 105lbs

Head size 22″

 Tess was the first bully to join our family. We chose her because we wanted to start our foundation with a RIP ACE daughter. She came us to confident and head strong. Leaving us with Lebron and Kya before her retirement.

Coco Pedigree

Primeyards Ms. Coco

Sire Coleone’s King

Dam Primeyard’s Mamma Mia

Height atw 21″

Weight 110lbs

Head size 23.5″

Ms. Coco is the chocolate ghost tri littermate sister to the famous RIP Mr. Markoff. She is confident and always wants affection. She makes friends everywhere she goes. You can’t help but notice the smile she has in a lot of her photos. She is definitely a girl to see in person. Happily enjoying her retirement.

Kya Pedigree

Centerstage’s Kya

Sire Bossy’s Wonka 

Dam Tungsten Testarossa

Height atw 22.5″

Weight 120lbs

Head size 24″

Kya is our first born bully princess. Sister to Lebron and a ball of energy. Every one that meets Kya falls in love with her. She is athletic and energetic with a stare that would intimidate you. Even though she is the most lovable girl. 

FLB’s Jayde

Sire K&Q’s Conjuring

Dam C.B.B. Red Sonja 

Height atw 21.5″

Weight 115 and still growing

Head size 24″

Jayde is the dog you can take to any preschool, hospital, or therapy program. She is so sweet and gentle when it comes to children. Athletic and super energetic when playing. Its amazing to see how she will just go over and roll on her back for a small child.

Jayde Pedigree

Centerstage's Karma

Sire Centerstage's Lebron

Dam HBK's Rayne

Height still growing

Weight still  growing

Head size still growing

Karma is our keeper off of Lebron's first litter. She is 2x's RIP Mr Markoff an full of energy. She is currently training with Hampton's K9's. We look forward to watching her progress.

Karma Pedigree

Centerstage's Arya

Sire Grch Shamrock

Dam Centerstage's Kya

Height 20.5"

Weight 120lbs

Head size 24.5"

Arya is exactly what we were trying to accomplish by combining Kya with Grch Shamrock. She has great bone with an excellent temperament. 

Arya Pedigree